Saturday, February 28, 2009

Personal Fan Combats Eczema Breakouts

I have suffered my whole life with eczema, but as I near my 49th birthday this coming April it is clear to me that the breakouts have gotten worse throughout my 40s. I have searched my symptoms many times and it seems similar to both Psoriasis and Lupus as they are exacerbated from weather/season changes and exposure to sunlight.

I cannot continue on the merry go round of prednisone, which has side effects I cannot go through anymore - weight gain and personality changes. Plus the Doctor has told me that prolonged usage can cause Diabetes.

I have fans all over my house, many are on non-stop all year long. I found these O2 Cool fans that are battery operated. I use one year at the desk by the computer that I also take with me to the laundromat. It needs 2 DD batteries every other day most of the time. It cannot be transported though in my purse.

For that I was using several varities of the candy fans that are found in that aisle. My son would point them out to me, but they are long and hard to fit inside a purse. I often got weird looks when I would remove this orange tool from my purse while in line at a store, but at least my face was not on fire.

Last month my son and I went inside Brookstone to browse around for birthday ideas for his (March) and mine (April). My son spotted in the area near the register these Personal Fans that are still on sale at two for $30. I have the blue and green fans. They take 4 AA batteries. It has almost been one month since purchased and my son just today put in new batteries. The personal fan was working, but not at full blast and I like it that way when we are experiencing warmer days here in Los Angeles. It is easy for my son who turns 14 this month to open and insert batteries.

I keep the green personal fan in my purse. Last month I was at Ross trying on shirts and used this in the dressing room. If not for the personal fan I would not have been able to tolerate waiting for the 21 people in line in front of me. I stood there in line while others were in large bulky coats and sweaters and felt comfortable while the store seemed to lack ventilation. In fact, the clerk ringing up my purchase wanted to know where I got the fan.

I used it a few days later in line at the post office where the air is dead and claustrophobic. The Bank is another business that lacks a system for circulating air for the customers and workers. I now take this fan to the laundromat as it is easier to transport.

My face breaks out often when I am in the sun or doing various chores like washing dishes. With cuts on many fingers I try to wash the dishes every other day. I now use the fan at the sink to hit my face while doing the dishes. This has helped a great deal with me not wiping or scratching my face.

Another spot to consider having a personal fan would be the library, sometimes there are smelly people inside and no air flow. I was at a meeting the other day that lasted over three hours and needed some relief so I utilized the personal fan.

The button is so easy to slide on and off. This is also how you turn it higher or lower. I really like this device and will most likely pick up two more next time at he mall as you can never be too prepared.


Sandy Jenney said...

My step mom has one of these and uses it all the time for her hot flashes. I will probably be getting one this summer myself! Thanks

kate smudges said...

I discovered the fan about two years ago ~ I carry it everywhere. Hot flashes are the bane of my existence.

Best to reduce the need for prednisone. I used to take it for an auto-immune disorder. My bone density was in bad shape because of it.

Ms. Kathy said...

I can SOOOO relate to the use of a person fan!I found one in Walmart that is attached to a water bottle and another small I can wear on a lavalier. Last year lymphoma was discovered and sometimes it would give me itchy flashes on top of my "regular" flashes.I will deal with it though 'cause I do not want to be on any more meds.I understand excema, too! Until I found out what it was I would go to sleep crying and itching. Bless you!

Casdok said...

Great idea.

Michelle O'Neil said...

This would be great for hot flashes too.

BTW, I heard on Dr. Oz radio(I think) that daily acidophoplis helps with eczema.