Monday, April 27, 2009

Joey Tote Bags

As a blogging member of Buzz Cooperative I receive weekly email alerts connecting bloggers to companies interested in pitching their products for review. This is how I came to learn of Joey Totes.

Upon my arrival at their website to check the product features before replying to the request I was shocked at the way they used a baby with the bag. As parents we know not to have our babies and children around bags due to suffocation. I almost clicked off the site thinking I could not condone such a product.

Further exploration has a girl being carried inside a Joey Tote. If as consumers we do not offer feedback, how will a Company know that their line of advertising is deemed offensive to potential customers. I decided I was up for the challenge and would be forthright in my analysis. Joey Totes covers this in their FAQs:

Are Joey Totes meant to carry children?

No! Our photos are meant to demonstrate attributes of our product and contain a certain 'cuteness' factor, but we do not recommend anyone reenacting these images

I received a set that includes 1 large (9.5” x 5) and two small (8” x 4”) sized totes. The white label on the side shows the totes can be machine washed in cold, gentle cycle and hang-dry. The other side of this white label has a funny warning note - "Use of Joey Totes causes uncontrollable grinning and feelings of glee." I would much rather see use of this clever slogan than the two baby displays and carrying of the girl on the website.

These totes are available at the present time in only one shade - Slate Gray with their Joey Totes Fuchsia logo. There is a white draw string on the other end of the folded up tote. They are made from rip style Nylon.

I have been utilizing the Joey Totes for several days now and find them to be quite useful for everyday activities and errands. Unfortunately I have to frequent the laundromat on a weekly basis. I prefer to fold socks at home so I always gather them up in a duffel bag.

I didn't want to carry dirty clothing in the tote, so I brought it along in my purse to open later. I had some packages to take to the post office and used the large bag for this as well. The totes would also be doable for carrying back library books and bringing home your next batch.

I left the bag in the passenger side of my minivan after the post office errand and realized this while inside the grocery store. I was able to place two bags inside the large Joey Tote and carry that into the house with ease over my shoulder.

We went to a fair the other day where rows of tables and exhibitors had pamphlets and brochures for visitors. My teen aged son was in charge of holding the tote and gathering up all the contents from tables. There was even a sample of oatmeal that did not break or open up while being transported around outside.

I think of the Joey Tote as a universal tote, if you have an item it can be placed inside the tote for storing and delivery purposes. On our next trip to the Zoo I will bring along a small tote to carry cameras and binoculars until they are needed.

The tote bags are easy to fold up and put back into the carrying case that hangs at the bottom when it is in use. Here is the large tote bag I folded back up and the small bag I have yet to use.

I recommend the Joey Totes for hostess gifts, therapist or teacher gift, suitable for college student and a Mother's Day or Father's Day present. The possibilities are endless - think stocking stuffers and older relatives that live alone and could use a good tote bag for their errands.


reinforced bag can handle 40 pounds
one year limited warranty
gift certificates are good for one full year
they will recycle for you


only available online
no color selection
poor advertising usage of babies and children inside bags

Readers can save 10% off their purchase with the promotional code "autismfamily" through the end of May. A Big Joey costs $8.50, the small Joey is $14.00 for a set of two with the Joey Set of 1 large and 2 small at $20.


lisa said...

I prefer Baggu totes.

They cost the same but they come in a huge variety of colors and sizes. They also recycle old bags and give you a $1 credit towards a new purchase. I have three of these and keep them handy in the van, in my purse and in a coat pocket for quick trips to the store. It has greatly reduced my reliance on ocean-choking plastic bags.

hellokittiemama said...

Alex loves re-usable bags. I have a bunch that we use for grocery shopping, etc. These look good. I went and checked the site to see the "kid" images and yeah - that doesn't seem like good advertising!

Lynna Kay said...

I like using re-usable bags at the grocery store. I really hope no one attempts putting their kid in one - sometimes people take things like that literally.

Michelle O'Neil said...

I realize it isn't safe for kids to be put in totes, but I wonder about husbands? I think mine might look darling in one of those.

(Sorry. Long day in the car. I'm a bit loopy).