Thursday, January 29, 2009

Notes from Dr. Northrup Webinar on

I watched Oprah today with Suzanne Somers on the discussion of menopause and hormone therapy. It was mentioned that Dr. Northrup would be doing a one-hour webinar at

I listened and watched the webinar and tweeted on the tips shared. This was on twitter where you are limited to 140 characters. The following are my tweets that I posted from the webinar.

Oprah Webinar on Hormones notes from Thursday, Jan 29, 2008 6 PM PST

need birth control for a full year after completing menopause, per Dr Northrup on oprah webcast

most women do not have perimenopausal symptoms while on the pill - per Dr Northrup on Oprah webcast

Dr Northrup suggests using a PDR - good idea, Physicians Desk Reference, I got a used one on ebay, it is updated yearly though

menopause is a turning point for your lifetsyle, eat better, exercise, reassess relationships

do not stop anti depressents coldly, talking to a caller who takes them

take good fish or flax oils, also omega 3, up your exercise level - taper anti depressants

ovaries are producing eggs, have progesterone a few months, this gets hormones out of whack, why hot flashes on and off, a process/not event

stop hot flashes, stop white sugar, wine and caffeine - experiment, omega 3 dats, exercise these can stop the hot flashes

caller on HRT for nineteen years in her 60s, still having hot flashes and night sweats- she is on premarin twice a week

try a transdermal hormone replacement - on the skin and not on the liver, that is what Suzanne Somers was doing

caller says when taking premarin every day, but when stopped taking daily and only twice a week gets hot flashes, can be cortisol stress

change brand instead of premarin, maybe a spray as a skin treatment at any pharmacy, check in with Dr every year

vaginal estrogen will restore that area very quickly, get creams just need a little bit to help loss of elasticity and dryness

once restored will only need cream twice a week, give it a couple of weeks and be back in the saddle

if you had breast cancer can you take hormone therapy - someone asked this to Dr Northrup. depends on quality of life - how much sleep?

considered safe to use vaginal creams, omega 3 fats - high amount, Vitamin D, exercise, foods high in flax, soy possible, acupuncture

30 mg of progesterone can stop hot flashes in some women, just rub a bit of it in the skin

46 yr old on raw food diet, feels good, but hormones are non existent, getting back her sex drive now, only 4 months on raw food diet

Dr Northrup says good for her to be on the raw food diet, her body is self healing, restoring her adrenal health, balance in body

Dr Northrup says good for her to be on the raw food diet, her body is self healing, restoring her adrenal health, balance in body

Univ of Oregon doing a study used small amount of natural progesterone for women who have had a heart attack prevention of angina

her heart attack at 41 was a precursor to her premature menopause, now age 48, estogen beneficial effect on culinary ateries

all birth control pills are synthetic hormones

fifteen minutes left of Dr Norhrup on menopause, at age 39 all bad habits catch up with you, clean up clutter in all areas of your life

get hormones tested - prefer blood test most drs. saliva test will tell more about what is in your tissue, jury is out, conventional Drs

best way to tell is your body, symptoms and how you feel, nurse practitioner can do that with saliva test

premature ovarian failure is auto immune, - A book called "Inconceivable" restore ovarian function

traditional chinese medicine, "The Fertility Cure" - name of book by a Dr to look thru

many are iodine deficient, many dont eat table salt, fish due to mercury or eat eggs, she says start eating eggs 2 x a week, check adrenals

adrenal exhaustion could be the problem

calls from Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and even Australia

DHEA, and also meditation has been mentioned, institute of heart check their site, the webinar is now over, webcast on demand 4 free tomorrow


KimDean-Art4Autism said...

I dont watch O much but did see a bit of this show. O and you were 1 of 10 blogs given the lemon award. Visit my site for more details

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the twitter run down of Oprah and Dr. Northrup -- it's like borrowing someone's notes in college! I hope Oprah revisits this topic soon - here are two articles I've found helpful (from a clinic Dr. Northrup cofounded in Maine): hrt alternatives and natural hrt. I really like the notion that you have to get your bad habits cleaned up by 39 -- it gives me two more years!

Jacqueline said...

Oops.. it looks like those two links didn't come out right. Here they are cut and pasted:

Deborah said...

Great post, Bonnie! I missed the webinar, but saw a bit of the show. I'm using a progesterone cream & I'm pretty sure it's helping me.

I'm 48 and still perimenopausal, some of my friends are all done with it now. I envy them! LOL