Saturday, September 06, 2008

Organize and Protect Financial System

I watched Suze Orman explain and share about the Organize and Protect Financial System on QVC and thought this would suit my needs well. The first thing to do when watching QVC and considering a purchase is to read the reviews posted by previous customers. This helps on impulse shopping, especially after you have received your income tax return and have the shopping bug.

I had purchased a few years earlier the Suze Orman Fico Kit, which was really good, but the CD on my older computer died and by the time I had received the homeschooling computer that CD had expired, so I did not get my money's worth.

I admit this blue suitcase seems overwhelming to me and I need space to set it up and organize. Probably the first thing to do is play the CD and learn the steps to get this accomplished. My goal is by year-end to have this completed. One of the snaps on the side of the case is not secured properly, so I doubt this will stay closed once I gather all the necessary items.

I already have an earthquake type system in place as stated here in my article, Essential Items for the Family. I will have a review of this system and how efficient it is or not plus details on the contents once I have put mine together. What a daunting task.

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jill florio said...

I have this kit and love it. It makes me feel safer. :-)