Sunday, September 07, 2008

An Entrecard Credit Giveaway

I recently joined Entrecard after seeing the ad boxes adorning many blogs I was visiting. This is free to join. You earn Entrecard Credit (EC) for posting a blog (25) and for drops there is one credit. Think of a drop as putting your business card into a bowl at a Restaurant for a free dinner or lunch. There are credits given for having an advert up on your page. There is a calculation based on visits and other data that gives Entrecard the credits needed to buy ad on your page for one day. This site has me listed at 32 credits while a member will need 512 credits to buy an ad on my autism site.

At EntreCard there is a page that shows the profile for all members. You pick a category for your site. This one I chose finance and my autism site is under Parenting. When you see the wait days for the card this means how many days before your ad would appear on their EntreCard section. I have eight ads up now for the autism site and 3 for this site. You can link your blogs under the same sign in email address and switch credits between them and also logging in to drop for each site.

You can place profiles you like as a favorite. I like doing this with the sites that I have advertised with so I can go back again and make sure I visit them daily. At the start of a new month many members display the top ten droppers at their site, giving them more exposure. There is a dashboard at the main page to see your ads, pending ads and transactions. There are graphs showing you stats and the listing of the droppers and how the ads are doing. This data shows the past few days and how today compares to them, plus how many visitors clicked on your link from an ad.

For entrecard members visiting my blogs, please make sure to scroll down to see the logo for my other blog and do a drop there as well, so you can get two visits from me back to your site. I see several other blogs that have more than one and I try to get to both of them through both my sites when time permits.

I am really enjoying Entrecard dropping and learning of new sites, observing ads and seeing what I want to emulate on my blogs. There are many International sites, animal sites to visit and specific blogs for Home and Garden, News and Health. Many members hold contests, which is what I am sharing with today.

The site Kabalyero is holding a giveaway of 2,000 Entrecard Credits. This contest ends on September 15, 2008. You need to blog about the contest linking to it and then post a comment there.

Good luck to all. I am entered now too, could use those points to place many ads for both my sites. You can do the same by joining. There is no referral program there. The forums are helpful for newbies too.


Laura said...

Thanks for dropping by. The Entrecard is pretty cool. Tag your it :)

Carol said...

Welcome to EC, Bonnie!

You may not see all the positive results for a little while, but you'll soon notice regular readers develop out of those who drop on you daily.

Welcome aboard!

autismfamily said...

I won the contest. Got the 2000 EC this AM, noticed it this PM.