Saturday, October 08, 2011

Social Media Update

It is time for an update and to get back into the rhythm of blogging once again. When I joined twitterback in 2008 it was to promote my autism website and make new online connections.

Soon after engaging with others and taking part in twitter chats I realized I needed to start blogging as well. While some think of the autism site as a blog, it is not classified that way and it does not support comments. I was commenting on blogs and doing all this reading and wanted to be part of that community.

I started the autism blog first and made a mistake with the name due to someone else already having autismfamily so mine is spelled autismfamiily.

A few years ago besides the autism site at BellaOnline I also wrote at the Insurance site and wanted to post my articles online, which is how this blog came to be. I did not want to continue with writing about insurance so I expanded the topics, but had already paid for my blog widget Insurance Topics, so that is the name but it is listed under my own name.

I won a Camera two years ago on twitter and started utilizing it at the Zoo where we are members. I started another blog to showcase those pictures and make the blog animal related.

When I first started at twitter I had been on and - running groups on both sites. Over the span of a few months I stopped visiting those sites and got hooked on facebook.

In May of 2011 I followed a link from a facebook wall to a site called Empire Avenue. It is a social media stock exchange where you hook up all your networks - such as flickr, youtube, instagram, foursquare, blogs, feeds, linkedin, twitter, facebook and fanpage.

Since this time I have created an instagram page, a foursquare account and a facebook fanpage. I regularly use yelp and foursquare, post pics to instagram, flickr and tumblr and learning how to get my Zoo videos up on youtube.

I am also located on klout where I imported a few of my twitter lists, hooked up all my networks like Empire Avenue and added along with G+. I have been regularly listed in the K+ recipients for autism on Klout.

For the past several months I have participated in twitter chats for empire avenue that utilize the hashtag #eavchat. Along the way I learned about, Twylah, and Triberr.

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Emma said...

Thank you for leaving all the comments! :) I am located in Hollywood but go to Santa Monica College. Hollywood never gets any breezes so it is unbearable right now!

We have a L.A. Fitness here in Hollywood, but as I have a gym in my own building I don't want to pay extra. I would love to use the pool they have for swimming though!

I've been to the zoo two times since I moved here 2 years ago, and I loved it! It is always more fun to go with kids though so we are waiting for my boyfriend's nephew to get back to L.A.

P.S. Love social media! :)Don't really understand Klout yet though...