Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Annoying Phone Calls from Companies

I went through the steps in signing up my land line phone number for the do not call registry and did it online for my cell phone number as well. This past March I bought a Dodge Caravan Sport from an auto dealership. I also purchased the extended warranty. A few months later these automated phone calls started. It would say this is my last chance for my auto warranty. I pressed the button to speak to someone and they hung up on me.

The calls continued and I would hang up until I got so frustrated that I pressed the number to talk to someone and asked them how they got my information. Again they hung up on me. I did google searches and found information for other states, but not California. I did go to consumer affairs and submitted a message. The calls stopped for about two weeks and then it would occur almost three times a week or every other day. These automated messages would spring up on weekends and evenings.

I decided to call the auto dealership since they were the only ones I dealt with in regard to the purchase as I went through Capital One Auto Finance online and my Allstate Agent came to my house for my signature on the new insurance policy. The dealership was not helpful at all. The guy claimed to get many phone calls from customers but could not tell me where these were generated from.

I wish I had some form of warning before I made the purchase, because this is downright annoying to the core. I might have gone the ebay motors route again with this purchase. Now I am stuck with the calls that have not stopped and I bought the vehicle nine months ago. It needs to stop, but how?

On another note I have Time Warner Cable, who has been calling me almost as frequently and mailing the same flyers over and over. I am not interested in getting their internet service as I have that with AT&T and the phone service. Will they ever leave me alone? These phone calls are from real people on the other end and not a recording, but I still hang up on them after letting them again that I have AT&T and not switching.

I have an unlisted phone number, but that does not stop the Satellite Dish Companies from calling me several times a week in a recorded message asking me when I want them to set up. How did they get my number? What can I do to stop these calls? They are confusing to my 13 year old son who does not know if they are live or memorex.

I am almost tempted to go back to dial up since I never took phone calls due to having computer on all the time until someone booted us offline. We need high speed for the homeschooling and this computer is on loan from the Company. The good news is that I have tracfone and no one calls me there but wrong numbers and tracfone texts their special deals, but not a nuisance.

Sometimes I answer the phone in a loud irate voice and this is always the time it is someone from school. It never fails... This reminds me that the new Middle School my son is attending has a message system to let parents know of events, school closures, emergencies, meetings, you name it they call. I think this is nice to be notified of many things, but I liked getting notices on paper in my son's backpack. I guess this is their way of saving paper and money.

Feel free to share the calls that you get at home that drive you mad.

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Mrs. C said...

Oh, wow. If you have a Do Not call list in your state, your attorney general should be able to help. And each company should give you a privacy policy and you SHOULD be able to "opt out."

Wow, I don't know what to tell you! That's just crummy.

I started answering the phone in Spanish to deflect these people, but then the telemarketers started sending Spanish messages... LOL!