Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium In One Easy Step

When you first shop around for automobile insurance you may obtain quotes from several companies before making your decision. One of the questions listed on the application is to estimate the mileage you drive annually.

My policies have been for six-month periods for several years now, but I am not sure if it is this way in other regions. In May 2004 is when I started with Allstate Insurance Company for my current vehicle I bought on eBay Motors that same month. Over the years I have started my policies for my automobiles with Allstate and sometimes change to another company if I find a better price.

Since I now have multiple policies with Allstate I am receiving more discounts and have not looked elsewhere to compare prices. Every year I go to Jiffy Lube and get the vehicle serviced.

This time I noticed the mileage listed for the previous two visits on my receipt and realized I have not yet driven ten thousand miles since purchasing the Minivan. It was under 95,000 when I made the purchase. The current mileage for a 1993 Ford Aerostar is under 104,000 miles.

While following up with the Life Insurance Policy during a telephone call with my Allstate Agent I inquired about mileage for the upcoming renewal on my auto policy. I informed the Agent of the mileage reported over this two-year period that was reflected on the receipt from Jiffy Lube. He told me to bring it into his office or mail a copy.

I mailed a copy on 4-21-06 and received today on 4-29-06 a new Renewal Policy Declarations that highlights the new premium for a six-month period at $298.87. The previous premium was $345. This is a savings of $46.31 by lowering my annual estimated mileage from 12,000 - 12,999 to 8,000 - 8,999.

My premium reflects a discount of $134.82 - the good driver discount, distinguished driver, renewal and multiple policy. Since more money is being spent on gas, almost at $3.50 here in Los Angeles, this is a nice reward for driving less.

I just went through the auto quote process at Allstate in hopes of finding the breakdown of the mileage for policies. It states that documentation is needed for annual mileage below 12,000 miles and you are not retired. The acceptable documents are smog checks, tax records, vehicle registration or auto repair receipts that indicate the mileage.

I highly suggest other auto policy holders check out their actual mileage by looking through their garage and service repair receipts, their current mileage and what is listed on their actual policy. Many are driving less, resorting to using mass transit or carpooling. Before your policy renews look through these documents and see if there can be an adjustment to your mileage estimates.

Auto Insurance Premiums are also calculated according to your zipcode.

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