Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My introduction

This is my first post here. Initially I was trying to create a profile and somehow ended up with a blog. My first post got lost when my connection died - oh how I hate that!

I am Bonnie Sayers - reside in Los Angeles, turning 46 in April, my son turns 11 next week. My kids are Nicholas and Matthew. Both are on the Autism Spectrum - opposite ends as well.

I will not always be posting about autism though. I like to watch Young and the Restless and General Hospital and have an opinion on storylines. Sometimes when I cannot find a message board I will post here about my impressions of shows.

Tomorrow an Allstate agent is coming over with my life insurance policy. Some sort of nurse will be here as well to take blood and urine. At least I will find out with the results what my cholesterol level is, easiest way to find out without having to go to a Dr and then sit at a lab for a long wait. Here they come to me - althouh I do have to pay for it.

I know my BMI though, 23.1 - bought something that tells me this on amazon last month. It looks like a mini steering wheel that tells me my fat percentage and BMI. Speaking of amazon - my son's birthday present arrived yesterday - actually the box was tossed against my door so I called up UPS and made a complaint against the driver. I told the person that the mailman does not throw things at my door and I should not get my packages this way either.

Well kids are in bed and I am in need to find out what happens on Y&R tomorrow. Thankfully those who reside in Canada see the show a day before US residents so I am off to read a recap or two to find out if Phyllis and Nick get caught in the act by her son Daniel. I ashould also note that my sons were named afer characters on Y&R. Nicholas and Matthew - back when they were in college before the character Martt leeft and the actor went on to night time tv. Forget his name now too, but he played a fireman on an NBC show.

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Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Welcome to the Blogger family Bonnie. It will be good to get to you a little better.

KimDean-Art4Autism said...

So glad I met you via twitter. Your an awesome lady!